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Districts and projects with 5GDHC networks

On this page you find an overview of neighborhoods and districts with 5GDHC networks (anergy networks). The data is partly taken from a scientific publication. If you know of another district in which heat is supplied via a 5GDHC network, we would be pleased if you would submit our survey form for this district. The 5GDHC network will then also be listed on our site shortly.

Experiences from existing districts with 5GDHC network

The concept of 5GDHC networks for heating and cooling supply in districts is still relatively new and unknown - and this despite the fact that the technology has been successfully in use for decades. In order to increase the acceptance of 5GDHC networks, we have set ourselves the goal of making information on numerous districts that have already been implemented available to planners and decision-makers. This helps district developers to learn from experiences of past 5GDHC projects and build on the state of the art. Therefore, the table below provides an overview of implemented district solutions with 5GDHC network. By clicking on the district name, detailed information about the project can be viewed.

If you have questions about any of the listed districts or would like to contact operators or planners, feel free to contact us.
Table 1: Districts with 5GDHC network
District City Country Network length Building Commissioned
Arealnetz Lott Achern Germany 0.15 km 4 2022 Details
Bad Nauheim Süd Bad Nauheim Germany 6 km 120 2021 Details
Lagarde Campus Bamberg Germany 5.5 km 60 2023 Details
Ressourcenschutzsiedlung Kaster Bedburg Germany 1.88 km 110 2022 Details
Bodenmais Bodenmais Germany 0.95 km 19 2017 Details
Westlich der Bahn Damme Germany 1.5 km 75 2022 Details
Dollnstein Dollnstein Germany 1.8 km 35 2014 Details
Barkenberg Dorsten-Wulfen Germany 3 km 40 1981 Details
Solarsiedlung am Ohrberg Emmerthal Germany 1 km 65 2020 Details
Sonnematte Fischerbach Germany 1.8 km 24 2013 Details
Seniorenwohnpark Eden Flehingen Germany 1.2 km 52 2020 Details
Afrastraße Friedberg Germany 0.65 km 20 2019 Details
Wohnen am Stadtteilpark Hassel Gelsenkirchen Germany 1.5 km 60 2023 Details
Westlich der Alzeyer Straße Gensingen Germany 80 2022 Details
Alte Ziegelei Gutach-Bleibach Germany 2.8 km 36 2018 Details
Osterfeld II/III Haßfurth Germany 4.6 km 80 2016 Details
Shamrockpark Herne Germany 2 km 24 2023 Details
Erkingshof Hilter Germany 1 km 44 2022 Details
Steinhäldenweg II Ilsfeld Germany 1.2 km 35 2016 Details
Brainergy Park Jülich Germany 3.7 km 86 2023 Details
Forschungszentrum Jülich Germany 0.6 km 8 2022 Details
Vinger Weg Kerpen Germany 1.2 km 78 2021 Details
Bgm.-Bitterolf-Straße Königsmoos Germany 1.6 km 40 2022 Details
Kirchfeld Königsmoos Germany 1.3 km 32 2023 Details
Eulbusch III Maikammer Germany 0.65 km 37 2022 Details
Alte Brauerei Mainz Germany 0.5 km 24 2023 Details
Meitingen Meitingen Germany 0.9 km 35 2018 Details
Auf Leim Murg Germany 1 km 52 2021 Details
Hüttengelände Neustadt am Rübenberge Germany 0.92 km 56 2020 Details
Grünes Leben am Schafhaus Reichenbach a. d. Fils Germany 1 km 41 2022 Details
Öchsner II Rottenburg Germany 1 km 55 2022 Details
Am Bahnhof Salzgitter-Thiede Germany 1.15 km 45 2023 Details
Weiermatten Schallstadt Germany 2.2 km 50 2021 Details
Max-Ernst-Straße Schifferstadt Germany 0.53 km 41 2016 Details
Am Bergle Schlier-Unterankenreute Germany 0.66 km 35 2022 Details
Kellerbergbreite Schrobenhausen Germany 2.5 km 65 2023 Details
Soester Norden Soest Germany 7.3 km 417 2022 Details
Bergheim Troisdorf Germany 0.45 km 38 2019 Details
Eschmar West Troisdorf Germany 0.5 km 57 2019 Details
In de Brinke Warendorf Germany 5.5 km 180 2021 Details
Lehmkuhle Werther Germany 33 2022 Details
Am Parkfeld Wiesbaden-Biebrich Germany 2 km 26 2022 Details
Am Luhedich Winsen (Luhe) Germany 0.85 km 61 2023 Details
Vordere Viehweide Wüstenrot Germany 0.5 km 23 2011 Details
You are planning a district with 5GDHC / anergy network? Test the nPro planning tool. It was developed especially for the early planning phase of 5GDHC networks.

Comparison of technical features

Detailed information on the technical features of the districts can be found on the following pages.

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Price model

Map with 5GDHC networks in Germany
Figure 1: Map with 5GDHC networks in Germany

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