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Version overview of nPro Software

The nPro software is constantly evolving. Find an overview of the released versions and new features on this page.

Version 2.0
Fall 2023

The version 2.0 contains over 50 new calculation functions. All new features are described in detail in Information about Version 2.0. The most important new features:

  • New software structure with three project types: District, single building and energy hub
  • Scenario comparison: Compare an unlimited number of project scenarios
  • New technology structure with numerous new interconnection options
  • New technologies: PVT collectors and ice storage
  • You can calculate various district heating network types: Conventional district heating, low-ex heat network with decentralized hot water heating, 5th generation district heating and cooling networks, as well as decentralized air- or ground-source heat pumps as a alternative solution
  • Many new visualizations for result analysis and utilization
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Version 1.1
October 2022

  • Output of self-sufficiency rate and self-consumption ratio
  • Introduction of a multi-criteria optimization (Pareto solutions: cost vs. emissions).
  • Integration of Pareto diagram
  • Output of annual coefficient of performance for air-source heat pumps and SEER for cooling supply
  • Language of email communication can be changed by users
  • Various error corrections and usability improvements

Version 1.0
July 2022

  • First fully functional software version of nPro goes online.

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