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Share of new construction area in 5GDHC networks

On this page you find an overview of the shares of new construction area in districts with 5GDHC network. All districts with 5GDHC network are listed on the overview page. The data is partly taken from a scientific publication.

5GDHC networks in new build districts

5GDHC networks are mainly installed in new build districts. This is also due to the fact that the heating demands of the buildings are low and thus conventional heating networks are less profitable (due to high heat losses in summer). In addition, new buildings require only low supply temperatures, which can be provided very efficiently by heat pumps. Nevertheless, 5GDHC networks have also been implemented and operated economically in districts with existing building stocks.

You are planning a district with 5GDHC / anergy network? Test the nPro planning tool. It has been developed specifically 5GDHC networks.

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