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Network temperatures in 5GDHC networks

On this page you find an overview of the network temperatures in 5GDHC networks. All districts with 5GDHC network are listed on the overview page. The data is partly taken from a scientific publication.

Table 1: Overview on network temperatures of 5GDHC networks (anergy networks)
District Network temperatures
Arealnetz Lott 2-23 °C Details
Bad Nauheim Süd W: -2, S: 16 °C Details
Lagarde Campus 6 °C Details
Ressourcenschutzsiedlung Kaster W: 45-50, S: 12-15 °C Details
Bodenmais W: 65-75, S: 20-35 °C Details
Westlich der Bahn 6-15 °C Details
Dollnstein W: 65-75, S: 20-35 °C Details
Barkenberg 12/6 °C Details
Solarsiedlung am Ohrberg 12/8 °C Details
Sonnematte (-5)-20 °C Details
Seniorenwohnpark Eden W: <45, S: 20/15 °C Details
Afrastraße 10.5/8.5 °C Details
Wohnen am Stadtteilpark Hassel 0-19 °C Details
Westlich der Alzeyer Straße 14 °C Details
Alte Ziegelei (-5)-20 °C Details
Osterfeld II/III 20-50 °C Details
Shamrockpark 22/12 °C Details
Erkingshof 10/6 °C Details
Steinhäldenweg II 20/13 °C Details
Brainergy Park 12/8 °C Details
Forschungszentrum 20-40 °C Details
Vinger Weg W: 40/35, S: 20/15 °C Details
Bgm.-Bitterolf-Straße W: 8/2, S: 15/8 °C Details
Kirchfeld 16 °C Details
Eulbusch III 3-10 °C Details
Alte Brauerei W: 14/10, S: 10/6 °C Details
Meitingen 30/22 °C Details
Auf Leim W: 10/6, S: 12/6 °C Details
Grünes Leben am Schafhaus 9 °C Details
Öchsner II 8 °C Details
Am Bahnhof 12/6 °C Details
Weiermatten W: 6-12, S: <25 °C Details
Max-Ernst-Straße W: 6, S: 15 °C Details
Am Bergle 0-12 / (-3)-9 °C Details
Kellerbergbreite 15.5 °C Details
Soester Norden (-2)-12 °C Details
Eschmar West 12/8 °C Details
In de Brinke 5-20 °C Details
Lehmkuhle 8 °C Details
Am Parkfeld 14 °C Details
Am Luhedich 12/6 °C Details
Vordere Viehweide W: 1, S: 16 °C Details
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