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Reference system in nPro

In nPro, the optimized energy system can be compared with a reference system. The definition of the reference system is described on this page.

How is the reference system defined in nPro?

In nPro, 2 different reference systems can be used, as illustrated in Figure 1. These differ in the heat supply: To cover the heat demands, either a heat pump with fixed COP or a gas boiler with fixed efficiency can be considered. Electricity demands are met directly by the power grid. Hydrogen demands are met by an electrolyzer, whose electricity demands are met by the power grid. Cooling demands are met by a compression chiller, which in turn is driven by electricity from the power grid.

Referenzsystem nPro
Figure 1: Reference system in nPro: Heat demand can be met either by a gas boiler or by a heat pump.
The nPro tool compares the emission savings of the optimized system with a reference system.

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