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Planning buildings and districts with nPro - faster and easier than ever before!

Key features

Load profile generation

Demand simulation

Generate load profiles for space heating, domestic hot water, space and process cooling, plug-loads and e-mobility.

District heating simulation

District heating

Simulate heat networks and optimize pipe diameters.

Design complex energy systems

System design

Simulate complex energy systems with renewable energies, heat pumps, hydrogen and seasonal storages within minutes.

nPro in operation

Energy hub sizing tool

Design and simulation

Design and dimensioning

A smart optimization algorithm determines the optimal system configuration and the dimensioning of generators and storages.

Operational simulation

An operational simulation provides analyses on profitability and system operation.

Demand profile district heating tool

Demand profiles and heat network calculation

Demand profile generation

Demand profiles for heating, cooling and electricity are created with a few clicks.

Heat network calculation

District heating and cooling networks as well as 5GDHC networks can be calculated and sized.

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What our customers say

We use nPro for the dimensioning of complex generation plants. This is essential for planning the transformation of large heat networks.
Julian Michel
Technical manager, sinnogy GmbH
The nPro software is very easy to work with, the simulation time is very short and the software is reliable. It is not necessary to spend hours learning because nPro is very intuitive to use.
Mirka Kukurugyova
Project engineer, Ennatuurlijk
The nPro tool is very intuitive and saves a lot of time and effort in the concept phase. It can be used very flexibly - for building and district planning.
Stephan Eichler
Eichler Company for Technical Planning of Residential and Industrial Facilities Ltd.

More features

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Hydrogen and renewable energies

Design complex energy systems with hydrogen, heat pumps, seasonal storages and renewable energies.

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Collaborate in the cloud

Share projects with team members and work together through one central tool. Ensure that all work with the most up-to-date project data.

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5GDHC networks

Calculate 5th generation district heating systems, consider balancing of demands and diversity factors. Optimize network temperatures and pipe dimensioning.

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Validated calculation

Use proven calculation methods that have been validated with real-world use cases and monitoring data.

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Artificial intelligence

Find the optimal energy system from thousands of possible system configurations in seconds.

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Intuitive & fast

A user-friendly interface enables an intuitive usage without prior training.

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Data interfaces

Standardize the quotation process: Import your data easily and export the results to Excel.

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E-mobility and
cooling demands

Create consistent demand profiles with hourly resolution for space heating, domestic hot water, space and process cooling, plug-loads and e-mobility.

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Pipe dimensioning

Optimize pipe diameters of district heating networks with respect to annual pump work and pressure gradients.

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Who uses nPro?

Engineering office

Engineering offices

Planning of energy systems for buildings and districts

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Utility companies

Utility companies

Planning of heat networks and local energy systems

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Energy consultants

Energy consultants

Decarbonization strategies for energy systems

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