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nPro - the perfect tool for energy utilities

A significant user group of the nPro software are utility companies (energy suppliers). On this page, we explain why nPro is the perfect tool for energy utilities.

What do energy utilities use nPro for?

The most common application area of the nPro software is feasibility and concept studies. Especially when it's not yet clear how the energy system for a building or district will look exactly and there are still many different solutions being considered, it makes sense to have specialized software that is capable of identifying a suitable energy concept. An analysis of economic viability, a technical comparison of different scenarios, an analysis of the potential of renewable energies, and the sizing of generation and storage units - all these aspects are combined in nPro within a single software package. nPro is modular in structure: This means that data can be imported and results can be exported flexibly. Many interfaces facilitate the work and enable seamless data exchange with other software solutions.

Energy utilities that use nPro

Which systems can be calculated?

With nPro, a wide range of energy systems can be simulated and planned. This includes:

  • Districts with heat networks (from traditional heat networks to cold district heating),
  • Cross-sectoral energy systems with heat pumps, heat storage, photovoltaics, solar thermal, and ice storage,
  • Combined heating, cooling and electricity systems with PVT collectors and ground source heat pumps, or
  • Hydrogen systems with seasonal storage.

What can nPro do that other software tools cannot?

Users of nPro particularly appreciate the significant time savings, as you can obtain initial valid calculation results in short time. Calculating districts can be complex, especially since a variety of different buildings must be individually considered. This is often not feasible in other simulation tools or only with considerable time investment. With nPro, many different supply scenarios can be calculated in a short amount of time and compared directly - this saves time and avoids errors. Therefore, our software aims to reduce planning effort and enable a more efficient pre-planning.

"We use nPro for the dimensioning of complex generation plants. This is essential for planning the transformation of large heat networks."

Julian Michel
Technical manager, sinnogy GmbH

Advantages of nPro for energy utilities

The central advantages of nPro at a glance:

  • Intuitive software usage - no training required!
  • Significant time savings in the development of energy concepts
  • Fewer contracts for costly planning services with external engineering offices
  • Communication on an equal footing with specialized planners and engineering offices
  • Complex optimization models wrapped in an intuitive user interface

Which energy utilities should consider using nPro?

Most energy utilities that use nPro plan and operate energy systems for districts, often with district heating solutions. However, there are also companies that use nPro for the planning of microgrids or hydrogen systems.

"The nPro tool is very intuitive and saves a lot of time and effort in the concept phase. It can be used very flexibly - for building and district planning."

Stephan Eichler
Eichler Company for Technical Planning of Residential and Industrial Facilities Ltd.

Why should your company use nPro?

Most energy utilities already use external planning tools in their daily work. However, simulation tools are often only suitable for specific energy systems (PV calculation, heat pump design, etc.), or the planning tools are unnecessarily complex and detailed for the conceptual or early planning phase. Especially at the beginning of a project, the conditions are still very uncertain (Which buildings will be connected to the heating network? Which heat sources should be used?). In the early planning phase, it makes little sense to create highly detailed simulation models with a lot of effort. However, a purely static design is also not sufficient when considering fluctuating demands and generation units. For this use case, nPro's planning tool is ideal: nPro combines the most important planning steps in one software and offers different levels of detail - from the conceptual phase to advanced specialized planning. With nPro, cross-sectoral energy systems for buildings and districts can be designed, simulated, and economically evaluated in a single software.

Energy utilities that use nPro

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