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Load profile for space heating in gyms

Gyms are a building type commonly found in districts. Some of the standard load profiles available in nPro for space heating in gyms are shown on this page.

Load profiles for gyms

The load profiles for space heating for gyms are illustrated in Figure 1. The profiles have a temporal resolution of one hour and are normalized. The profile for a working day, i.e. Monday to Friday, is shown in red. In the nPro tool, the normalized daily profiles are used as a calculation basis for creating demand profiles for gyms. In the calculation, holidays are modeled like Sundays.

Load profile for space heating in gyms
Figure 1: Load profile for space heating in gyms
In the nPro tool, annual demand profiles for space heat, domestic hot water, space cooling, plug loads, and e-mobility can be created with an hourly resolution.

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